Friday, June 27, 2008

Torture, cat and mouse game

Sami Ben Gharbia shows a video about torture and police violence in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. It represents so many African countries, it has become acceptable and its now wished away. of course the police deny.

The mainstream media denies existence of the incidences but the bloggers and you tube videos are changing repressive regimes.

It reminds me of the stories in Kenya's Mt Elgon area, the cat and mouse games games between the army, the Sabaot land defense forces and the residents. people have come out, stripped in public, showing torture marks, yet the government and the army denies, so who is fooling who?

Now that we have Googlemaps, youtube and other online services, the residents can provide such evidence online, now that its their word against that of the army.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission, instead of empty talk, should empower the residents with technology, to burst the bastards.

I wonder what the police and the army will say, if such videos stream online. Will they vilify the commission and anybody else castigating the army and torture of Mt Elgon residents.

We need to embarrass the security forces.