Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't block the blog!- Pakistan (Awab Alvi)

Awab is a dentist from Pakistan, you may wonder what he is doing in blogging, and he will say, he leads by example.

Blogspot was the blog that led to a blanket ban on all blogspot bans.

Pakistan has an aggregator now, an attempt to help people read blogs in a more effective way. helped where bogspot had failed.

Google also changed the Blogspot IPs which helped with the ban, because people were able to access blogs again.

Musharraf was given the middle finger salute for his efforts (laugh)...hahhahhoo

He wanted Pakistanis not to hear any truth, see or read, he was determined to block everyone.

Sms was used to blog especially after Bhutto assassination and the first days of martial law. was used for email and sms blogging.

If the number is compromised, one can be tracked down and blocked, so its still a challenge.