Friday, June 20, 2008

Good connectivity at my tribal bank and women talk Pumwani maternity

The other day I went to one of my tribal banks for a transaction and was amazed at how interconnectivity has eased the level of transactions.

I think they did well to invest in a bigger local loop pipe because earlier it was taking ages to communicate with a rural branch. So I was happy the teller got the information from my rural branch so fast……but she said….aaiiih (I hate it when people say that coz it doesn’t end well, it’s a sign someone will complicate your life).

So it happened that I have to go talk to the manager to sort me out. Of course there was a queue but was moving.

There was this guy ahead of me on the queue who looked rough, with un-tucked, halfway buttoned shirt, a khaki trouser, and funny rubber shoes. He looked like the lorry operators who have money but you can never tell.

Anyway, he started a conversation how he dreads it when a woman is the one in front of him on the queue, apparently because women take long before they can sort out the actual problem that took them to the manager.

“Wanaenda kuongea juu ya pumwani maternity, sijui watoto wamezaliwa wengi,” he said with a grin on his face.

“That’s rude and unfair,” I said, waiting for details. He just laughed and was joined in the conversation by another young man who said how the woman ahead in the queue had said she was to take some time.

Well, the woman took some time and I understood what the maternity guy meant, when she came out, she smiled and said, “sija kaa” and we just smiled back, after all, she was out.

When I went in and found that the manager was a woman, I thought, that guy was actually a chauvinist; he knew the manager was female and could be dragged to maternity matters. Anyway, he was a nice guy, full of jokes.

My day at the bank ended well. The manager very helpful!



bankelele said...

my question: what's a tribal bank?

Blogs Browser said...

ha ha ha you silly chic, you made me laugh with your lorry driver observations.
interesting post though

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