Friday, June 27, 2008

Censorship in Japan- Chris Salzburg

Net bullying, mobile phone content is restricted in Japan.

This guy who killed people in Akihabara shopping mall confessed online that he was going to killing people. Now the ISP can give the IP address to the police, now that people have come up with phony threats.

Filtering by the ministry to protect children from all harmful stuff on the internet. A survey found that 67.8 support internet regulation and 76 % said they support filtering.

Others say regulation/censorship will stop innovation and Japan will be left behind by other countries, that the regulation was contradictory and the regulation process is not transparent.

The government loves to be told to filter the web. Web censorship means different things to different people, awareness is key.

Its funny the society is supporting the government on censorship. Thats Japan for you!