Sunday, June 22, 2008

The day Bitange Ndemo was just the lecturer...

It was befitting that Bitange Ndemo, Paul Kukubo and Eunice Kariuki chose to come to Barcamp in Casual wear, it was hard to notice them, that is if you do not know them, they gelled so well with the crowd.

During the discussion on our education system, Ndemo drew on his experience as a university lecturer, saying that of all the students in a class, only 5 per cent are exceptionally bright and know more than the lecturer, 40 percent are average and 55 per cent are happy to drag along and get the certificate (read those who dab and engage in all manner of crime just to get the certificate).

It was nice to hear Ndemo admitting that our university lecturers are frozen in time and do not appreciate technological developments. He argued that most bright students fail, not because they do not know, but mainly because the lecturers may not understand what the students are writing. Not all the bright students get first class, he said.

Ndemo was concerned with spirit of entrepreneurship saying that it needs to be inculcated at an early stage like in the US where kids engage in business and understand the principle of profit and loss.

“Here people take the capital and imagine that it’s the profit, and that’s why businesses fail”

He was contributing on the debate about lack business skills and lack of capital within IT sector, especially young people starting up.


kenyanobserver said...

Thank you so much for the BarCamp updates.

HASH said...

Thanks for the write-up on Ndemo. I was wondering what some of the reactions from Kenyans would be. Personally, I thought it was great that he showed up, and even better that he just chose to participate like everyone else.

Do you remember him wondering how such a meeting (228 people) could get together over IT with no lunch? :) My guess is it's because everyone knows that they own the Barcamp as much as anyone else. It's so democratic, that it doesn't matter who you work for or what you do, you have an equal voice. I'm wondering if that's why there is a much lower turnout to .gov functions?


jke said...

Yeah, good post. Wish Kenya had more PS like him, and also more politicians who are as informed as their PS.

Anonymous said...

I admire Dr. Bitange Ndemo. He is so busy working to see the outsourcing industry kicks off. Kuddos sir!!

Anonymous said...

Ndemo was my college lecturer and he taught us alot of things. he was such a darling, he made MIS look soooo simple!!!!!!!!!

He loved the class and would teach us real life issues.

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