Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Danube river, no comparison to Chania

There was a time I was mesmerized by Chania river, we took trips there, to see the water flowing downstream and the rocks. The big boys liked swiming and showing off their skills.

The Danube is no comparison to Chania, that is why am allowed to stand by the bridge and get mesmerized once more.

Ghanaian representative, media tycoon in court

When business tycoon Chris Kirubi was charged in a Nairobi court, he probably did not think the photojournalists would be so hysterical.

Perhaps because he owns one of the top radio stations, he thought the camera people would cut him some slack.

Gosh, he was so irritated and visibly angry as the journalists hunted him down blocking his space and taking 1000 photos. I must admit the journalists dramatize but that was a sight.

Kirubi is also the Ghanaian representative, something like an ambassador or some diplomatic relation of some sort.

I thought he enjoyed some sort of diplomatic immunity. I wonder what privileges being representative comes with.

Just a thought!