Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mcel and AIRCOM optimize 3G in Mozambique

Aircom International has partnered with Mozambique mobile phone service operator Mcel to support the update planning tools for 2G and 3G networks.
The deal, a million dollars will allow Mcel to use Aircom’s network planning and optimisation tools ASSET and OPTIMA to plan and manage its new 3G UMTS network, which is currently being deployed.

Mcel enjoys a long-standing and productive relationship with Aircom for the existing network planning and management needs, said Luis Mhula, Mcel Chief Operations Officer.

“We’re delighted that Mcel has decided to work with Aircom for such an important project,” said Graham Kemp, Managing Director, in charge of Africa at AIRCOM International. “Mcel’s decision to use Aircom’s tools and consultancy is testament to the high quality of service that we provide to all of our customers around the world.”

Using the Aircom tools, Mcel expects to be able to accurately plan the new 3G network implementation and monitor its ongoing performance quickly and easily, said Mhula. Aircom will carry out measurement and model-tuning, to identify optimal configurations for specific network traffic requirements and conditions within Mcel.
Aircom will also provide support and training for Mcel engineering teams as they make the transition from GPRS to 3G.