Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The joy of having a reliable internet partner

I think kenyans have been used to getting such a raw deal on internet service that we suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. For example, the AfriNIC conference room, the net doesn't go down. It is the opposite of what we experienced at the EAIGF forum where KBM, one of the companies touting itself as the most efficient failed to deliver.

Can you imagine, a conference talking about internet access could not provide connectivity to participants. It was such an embarrassment.

I guess consistent service makes you feel there is some hope.

only that in Kenya, service seems to have gone to the dogs!

I am sure there are numerous stories of ISPs that failed to deliver on the contractual bandwidth and the speeds. Companies have personalized definition of broadband, even GSM companies offering crappy services also call it broadband.


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