Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wako deflates planned silent demo by the media

Kenyan journalists were scheduled for a silent demo on Wednesday 15th August and present a petition to Attorney General Amos Wako, urging him to advice the president to shelve the controversial clause 38 of the bill.
Because it’s only the president who can rescue the situation, the journalists wrote a letter to the AG asking him to expect them.
But the ever smiling Wako scuttled the demo by announcing that he will be advising the president to shelve the bill. At the same time, Wako is said to have called the bosses at media houses urging them to call off the demo. Sources indicated that the government was getting scared because in Moi days, there was no journalists’ demo whether silent or loud.
The problem with the clause is that like now where I talk about sources, I would have to reveal the source of my info. There is nothing wrong with that except that it is very ambiguous and can easily be misused. Meanwhile, here is Dr. Ndemo’s take on news about the demo…..

I did not want to comment on the Demo but I think the public is being misled here. What is the reasoning behind the Demo when the Government has made it clear that the issue shall be looked at? We delivered on all promises we made to the stakeholders and those who bothered to read and seek dialog.
I think by resorting into mob psychology you risk eroding the confidence and trust that we have built over the past view years.Since we have another bill coming, I have decided to present the lessons learnt (attached) from the Media Bill to avoid such situation in the ICT Bill. It is important that we all understand the legislative process in Kenya and it is only by making decisions based on knowledge that we can develop a civilized nation.
Bitange Ndemo.