Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Julie Gichuru does the job

Julie reads the petitio......


Gathara said...

Why is the media silent on the agreement negotiated by their bosses to have the definition of the term "journalist" in the Media Bill amended to include the provision that one has to "hold a diploma or a degree in mass communication from a recognized institution of higher learning and is recognized as such by the Council, or any other person who was practicing as a journalist immediately before the commencement of this Act, or who holds such other qualifications as are recognized by the Council"?

The effect of this amendment to the term "journalist" would be to deny many future cartoonists, correspondents and photojournalists legal recognition on the pretext that they do not possess the requisite academic qualifications. If this definition had been in force decades ago, the late Mohammed Amin would not be considered a journalist and neither would GADO, MADD and almost the entire gamut of Kenyan cartoonists.

Many self-published individuals such as bloggers are also to be denied similar recognition. All would lose any privileges and protections extended to mainstream "journalists" under the Bill.

The Media Bill also contains a provision that Media Council "compile and maintain a register of journalists, media enterprises and such other related registers as it may deem fit". Read with the earlier quoted amendment, this would require journalists to register with the Council. What happens when one is deregistered? Is it only Council approved journalists who will be allowed to operate?

Why is the media silent on this?

Here's my protest!

janice said...

I think she did a good job.

Anonymous said...

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