Friday, June 15, 2007

Radio Simba to train presenters at Koch Fm

When Carol Wanjiru agreed to make a presentation at KICTANet’s monthly forum, she did not expect the response to be that overwhelming.

“I knew good things would come, but this is more than good. Thank you KICTANet!” she said.

Apart from having an operational website, Radio Simba invited Koch Fm presenters for a hands-on training at their offices in Lavington.

Nicola Munene, from Radio Simba, confirmed that the station would be delighted to expose the volunteers at Koch Fm to the rigors of a commercial radio station and how they make presentation beneficial to the community.

“We will arrange when they can come over to our offices. I think it will be mutually beneficial,” said Munene.

Koch Fm is operated by youth at Korogocho slums on voluntary basis.



Anonymous said...

KOCH is a great idea. Norwegian Church Aid bought for them a generator in December last year, funded most (if not all) of their equipment needs including the containers that are their studios now, soundproofing, computers etc. I find it rather disturbing to read on your blog that people have been pladging and controbuting towards the purchase of a generator! Should we consider buidling their capacity in integrity and financial management?

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