Thursday, May 17, 2007


It has been said many times that Kenyan politicians need to move beyond petty politics and embrace issues.

So when the so called ODM big wigs were invited to the ICT debate, it was expected that they would for once give a blue print of an ICT enabled country.

Most of those politicians will also be on the frontline of telling you how South Korea has developed than Kenya, yet in 1969, Kenya was perceived to be doing much better.

It was therefore expected that these politicians, who are gunning for Kibaki’s job will do better by demonstrating how Kenya could follow South Korea which by the way is the world’s most wired country.

That the politicians confirmed to participate but withdrew last minute is indicative that they either do not understand the role of ICT in developing the country or they do not care about addressing issues.

Am told that for the politicians, they are only interested in the ignorant voter and not the professionals, who are accused of shouting from roof tops yet do not turn out to vote.

I have heard stories that because Kenya has not built or maintained roads means that the politicians can not hold such a debate or such a debate can’t stream live on the internet.

Such arguments are made by people who are not in touch with reality in Kenya. They would rather stand on high horses and say how the government should do this or that instead of appreciating the simple things.

On a different note, somebody commented on radio how we are always quick to criticize the police yet we do not take time to commend them when they do something nice. They stand in traffic whole day at times rained on yet expected to perform like those in Europe or US.

So, if the comment is to tell me how Kenya is a pathetic country, don’t comment here, am sure there are other blogs that will entertain that, this is only for those who appreciate the small steps the country is taking towards development and change.

Whilst the failure to participate may demonstrate lack of maturity by the politicians, does it mean we are all at that level.

Is there anything that can be done to change politics?


Alexander said...

Well, the debate did indeed *NOT* stream live live on the 'Net: server timeout. Constantly. But whether this merely technical issue had to do with the state of the roads, or the constant dilapidation of the rail system since uhuru, I do not know.

Most of these ICT people are profoundly out of touch with the on-the-ground-reality in Kenya. More so than their critics.

Anonymous said...

I think your are out of touch with the reality if not that you a mere chauvinist.

That people are guning for Kibaki's job? Who said that the presidency of this country is Kibaki's job, the job fall vacant by the end of this year and anyone can go for it provided that he or she qualifies (legally).

You call you blog a home for freedom of expression then tell people with certain views not to comment!!!! I think you are lossing it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look hard at the candidates backgrounds you the people of Kenya are the employers in the case of choosing who will govern your country.

Leave no stone unturned.

Seek leadership excellence.

My vote is with Joe Nyagah having done just this.

Alexander said...

Kenya needs *NO* "leadership excllence. As long as wananchi run blindly after such empty phrases like lemmings over a cliff, Kenya will suffer.

What she needs is excellence in service. SERVICE. That unknown word in Kenyanese.

Anonymous said...

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