Wednesday, May 30, 2007

E-learning experts in town

For the last two days, Safari Park hotel has been abuzz with techies, governments and e-learning advocates comparing notes.

It’s the second e-learning Africa conference and from the choice of the venue, it’s not a place for ordinary men and women to just walk in and participate in sessions, or exhibitions.

Oops! Did I forget to say that you need about sh 22,000 to get in? Yes, it is the participation fee.

How many people can afford the fee? Who are the people who need to know much about e-learning opportunities and appreciate the technology out there?

From the ambience, this is not a place for the poor chaps with bad breath and brown teeth. If anything, they may just as well suggest that the fee is better off in their pockets than with conference organizers.

For instance, the press room has no computers because it is assumed that the local journalists and bloggers would use their laptops, and take advantage of the wireless hotspot.

Reuben Kyama, a local journalist, could only say “we are sending a message” when asked why there is no properly equipped press room or area for bloggers and journalists.

So, who are the “real winners” in this conference?



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