Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Equity Bank should rethink e-banking

There is no doubt that Equity bank revolutionized banking and the way customers are treated. It made ordinary men and women believe that they can own bank accounts and they do not need special permission to talk to the manager.

I think it also came at a good time when people wanted hassle-free loans. For many of us who fear giving matrimonial title deeds as collateral, Equity said that even the chicken and the cows qualified as collateral.

But now the bank has moved into the more sophisticated area of e-banking. Many Kenyan banks misunderstand or mislead us to believe that receiving SMS alerts translates to e-banking.

So, being the member I am, I finally got tired of queuing for an hour or taking time to dash to the bank when I can get the same service on the internet. So I applied for e-banking services and filled the form.

The strange part is that after two months, Equity had deducted the annual fee for e-banking but I could not access the service. They had not sent me the password. By the way, the e-banking am talking about is just the one that allows you to check balances online and monitor transactions, I am hoping I will be able to do that.

After making trips to the bank to check on it, it has left me bitter, wondering why Equity is bothering about sophisticated services it can not deliver.

I think it is only fair if the bank stops struggling to offer what it can't. For the other basic services, the bank has no problem, but for e-banking, I guess the bank should leave it out.

I guess they should say like Safaricom; if you are frustrated, just move on to the next provider!



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Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca. I know for sure that the service actually works and is good. Please write to ebankinghelpdesk@equitybank.co.ke about the issue and you will get a prompt response on what the problem may be.

bangin said...

E-banking will be a high risk if the system not secure. Audit trail and protection systems must be reliable. A number of banks in Indonesia was attacked through exploitation of weaknesses in the ATM. But that case was resolved quickly and encourage the Bank of Indonesia to review and implement a better security system.

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