Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I blog....

The other day one journalist asked me why I blog. It was funny because he was asking why I had not updated my blog. So my answer was; why do you visit my blog?

It was a valid question, which I never thought about. Since then, I have been wondering why I blog.

I blog in exercise of my freedom of expression; here no one can limit what I say, whether it toes the party line or not; its my opinion and it remains that way.

I blog because I love pointing out issues; mostly the ones that are not going right, just like most journalists.

I blog because it is a chance for me to vent my frustrations.

I blog because it is the only way people can learn more about various issues; not structured by the media or held down by requirements of editorial correctness.

I blog because technology is one of those boring issues that is tough for us to write about.

But most of all, I blog because I love writing!

I can go on and on........


Moses Kemibaro said...

Nicely put! I'd say I blog for the very same reasons that you do but mostly because I love to write too!

beautifulsouthafrica said...

That's nicely put, Rebs! I think you're so fascinated by writing anything technology-related, and that's a very good thing!

The world needs to hear voices like yours, particularly coming from our continent.

In your writing and blogging:

- fear not to challenge us
- give us the other view
- extol that which is done right
- just write what you like (remember Steve Biko's column collections called "I write what I like"?)

Keep on writing!

Grains of masala said...

I read your blog because I like to snoop around Great Writers:-).

Very Interesting,Informative & Well researched. Very good blog you have here Wanjiku, Thanks for making us love being geeky!


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