Saturday, December 13, 2008

The media and the KCA bill fiasco

Media or press freedom is considered one of the fundamental tenets of democracy. Any government that wants to label itself as a dictatorship needs to do one thing: gag the press or show attempts of muzzling the media.

The media will make sure that the debate gathers international momentum. That every official government function that the president, vice president or the prime minister attends, there will be a question about press freedom.

Forget the fact that the media is also misleading, the bill is being referred to as the media bill, ICT bill among other titles that it has been given. Whatever the bill it is, no one seems to care much.

By the way, there is the media council bill (formerly the media bill) which is pending in parliament and the freedom of information bill, which is seeking to repeal the official secrets act.

That is why it seems that the current confrontation between the media and the government is only round one, there is more to come. One thing is clear; in this case, the government will not win.

If you doubt it, sample this; the activists/ protestors were released a few hours after arrest and I guess if it was any other protestor, they would have spent a night in jail.

But the ultimate protest by the media will be a whole day black out. A whole day without radio, TV or newspaper; it will be an odd day.

But again, the media is driven by capitalist interests and that dark day would mean immense loses for the media.

So, lets wait and see.........