Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Protecting ICT consumer interests

Who is an ICT consumer? A friend of mine asked. Hmmm….. had not thought about it that way, but I guess it refers to anyone who is an end user of ICT services and products.

Is the CCK capable of protecting consumer interests as well as those of big telcos? That was another question I could not answer, because it is only the regulator who can answer and or demonstrate its capability.

Its disempowering to know that we all have complaints against providers at one time or another but lack the proper mechanisms to channel them. Why has CCK not made adequate use of technology, why not have an online forums or blog in its site that we can rant and pour out the frustrations?

I think someone needs to tell CCK about the call completion rates and the call drop rates because I do not think the guys there do a good job of monitoring the GSM companies.
I recall they bought some equipment to measure the call drop and completion rates at some point, I think its two years ago, but it seems it has not been put to proper use.


Peter Njenga said...

CCK just like ECK seems to have no teeth. Remember when Royal Media jammed Kiss 100? Well, nothing happened.
Recently, Celtel Kenya had to almost sue Safaricom for their monopolistic tendencies. CCK wasn't doing anything about it.
Econet was to roll out by Aug 1 2008. Am in living in the future alone or aren't we already in August? No Econet network yet.
If only CCK did the needful, Safaricom would not make those obscenely huge profits after locking us all in their network and behaving like Microsoft. We would have number portability, not multiple SIM cards. We all would talk longer, transact more business, and thereby grow the economy.
Nice post Wanjiku. Let's all hope for the best.


Thanks Peter,
I was at a meeting where Bitange Ndemo defended Econet, saying that they have commissioned services and will roll out soon.

he argued that they have proved they are working by buying the equipment.

but you are right....

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