Tuesday, July 17, 2007

stakeholder views or just feeding us??

Stakeholder forum is ok, but does it work?

At Safari park hotel, many stakeholders gathered to give their views. From Safaricom, Celtel to the consumer association, they all had something to say about the KCA bill.

ICJ described the bill as unprecedented and the PS Bitange Ndemo assured participants that their views would be incorporated.

But if the past process is anything to go by, is there any assurance that the views will be taken on board.

Stakeholders wanted an expansion of the constituencies expected to be consulted, and an assurance that the views would be considered… no one seemed to answer the question categorically, it was only said that the views would be compiled and forwarded.

Others wanted the bill to protect them from any perceived crime because they are carriers while others wanted the bill to conform to other established principles in the commonwealth. It was a productive forum.

Those with contentions about the wording of the clauses were also encouraged to help by bringing in the clauses worded in their favourable way.

But is this a chance for people to meet, take the tea and lunch or is it going to bear any fruits.

I guess the fruits will be manifested by the inclusion of substantial contributions from the cross section of constituencies.