Tuesday, January 16, 2007


One day some guy told me that women should not work because when they get money, it gets to their heads and the get arrogant. I felt insulted and actually accused this guy of being stuck in mediaeval, stone age (insert your own insult here), of being cheap and myopic.

But listening to Bishop Wanjiru insult the poor husband, who am told is an excellent cobbler, I was left niggling with the idea and thinking I was unfair to the guy who said money gets to our heads. People have their various party lines and have reasons why Wanjiru should of should not have reacted that way.

Ofcouse it is wrong to generalise about women but it has been argued that women who have money are big headed and have no time for small time niggling husbands.

But is it about money or is it about knowing their rights and stamping their authority?

Wanjiru will in the coming weeks be sacrificed as the devil personified. The question is, if Wanjiru was a man, would she have elicited the same level of criticism?


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. The Bishops conduct was totally out of order and unchristian. She did not have to disown him and shower him with insults irregardless of what happened among them in the past. Because no matter what, he will remain the father of her children. In fact I think as a christian she should have shared her blessings with him, so your friend does have point.
But as you asked, I do think that a man would not have been criticized as much as she was.

Anonymous said...

It's not about male or female. Infact, the issue is that a Pastor could lie and insult others on the pulpit. Hiyo tu!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah,i guess we have seen it all over.Look at wives/mothers/sisters who have money and how they treat their husbands,other men and even other women who are less financially endowed than them.Even you have done similar as seen in your previous posting on that gold digging guy.You had to tell everybody about it.Have you ever seen a guy do similar to what u did.
so,what am saying is that monied husbands dont treat their wives just like trash,monied boyfriends dont regard their women like dirt,and similarly monied men journalists do not go treating women gold diggers(the majority)like the way you did that guy.anyway,no offence,its just the way of the world.good day

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