Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Loving yourself

spending a night at J´burg international airport is not one of the best thing except if you are booked at the Intercon.

i think the best is the massage palour, it has whats called ``aqua massage``. your body sprayed with water as you lie down.

not naked of course and not like those dingy joints in down town Nairobi where massage can be misataken for other things but pure massage.

its done in full view, though you have to enter into the machine that dispenses water and the whole ceremony begins.

there is also massage on the chair which is also good. so if you are stuck at the airport, make sure you have extra rands.


egm said...

I've seen those aqua massage units in malls here but have never ventured forth and gotten one. It looks so relaxing, I fear I might refuse to get out of it once I try it!

Anonymous said...

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