Monday, September 25, 2006


Today was the first hearing day of the murder case aganist Thomas Cholmondeley, the grandson of colonial settler Lord Delamere.

He is accussed of murdering Robert Njoya, a stonemason who was poaching animals in the expansive farm.

At the court room, one could not help notice the sharp differences between local and international journalists.

When the court adjourned, the local journalists could be ssen in one side, where the director of public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko was, while the international journalists were interested in the defense case.

The stories written reflect the same, the international press reflecting Njoya as a thug who attacked a poor settler. the local press also labours to present the rancher as a heartless and emotionless murderer.

while the local press quotes from another murder of Ole Sisina by the same rancher, the international press goes to great depths to explain the "he was attacked with a panga, like the ones used to kill during civil wars"

So much fo the so called objectivity in journalism.


Peter Birchwood said...

Dear Rebecca Wanjiku:
We are trying to find the family of Betty Philomena Wanjiku who was born in Nairobi 4th November 1949. I don't know how unusual your name is in Kenya but maybe you can help out with some information?

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