Friday, August 29, 2008

Maasai and tech

Though the Maasai hold on to their traditions, technology plays a vital role. The cell phone has made a marked difference in this community probably more than it has in many other communities.
Given the distances between one home to another, the phone comes in handy, especially during cattle raids or when communicating with herders in the field.


Anonymous said...

I believe this "tribal" and "clannish" labels like "Maasai", "Kikuyu", "Luhya",
"Luo", "Kalenjin" are what caused the last barbaric ethnic strifes in Kenya. What about the minor tribes like "Sengwer", "Suba", "Tachoni"? And the myriad of non-Kenyan tribes who love the country as much? People should stop these typical tribal segregation and treat Kenya as one beautiful country.

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